How to beat your competitor through SEO in 2021!

Who does not want to be on top ? To do this you have to beat your competitor.

Sometime people thing it is too much hard work as well as non good return when it comes to beat your competitor.

Everything is possible through if you have passionate about the subject.

You can get everything in your life whatever you want.

It need Hard work, Patience as well as passionate about the work

In this article I am going to give you some valuable guide that will help you to beat your competitor in year 2021.

So, Be here and just reading.

How to beat your competitor ?

What are competitor ?

In General terms, Competitor is known as the firm, business, Brand, or maybe people and other Agency are competing with you within your space or industry.

In Blogging world, the search result in top early pages before your results, are your competitor.

Here is what the blog post is about !

Publish Amazing & Original Content

It has been said by the millionaire , Bill Gates.

Content is King.

-Bill Gates.

Go and ask with an expert within your space and From an experience level person about beat your competitor.

The first task will be about Content in majority answer.

Content is all about to tell everything about the certain topic to your audience in your own words.

What it mean by Amazing Content ?

In Online marketing , It’s all on Content.

But what do I mean by Amazing content.

Amazing Content refers to Contain every information regarding the topic in your blog.

It may conclude,

  • Well-written, Depth Article (Average 2000 Word)
  • Infographic
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Chart
How to beat your competitor ? : Publish Amazing and Original Content.

For an Instance suppose You want to make Pizza at home and you are totally fresher to cook.

Which Kind of query You might be have.

I have to write as well as mention everything as per your query in my blog.

Query may look like this,

  • How to make Pizza?
  • Simple Recipe to cook at home fast!
  • What kind of vegetable do I need to make?
  • Which Oven is best to cook at home?
  • Should I use fresh Tomato or an old one for better taste?
  • Should I use Mineral Water or Coldwater for it?
  • Can I add Mayonnaise instead of Oregano to make the taste Unique?

Those above are for instance that explain you which kind of information you should include in your content so that it may look like Amazing content.

Look, You are going to publish your articlie on the google on the particular topic so just think a couple of minute,

Why google will place top of the page to your article ?

That’s simple , You probably have Amazing article Optimized with SEO.

Let’s go ahead.

What do I mean By Original Content

You are not prefect in your space (Perhaps), You try to be , It takes time to be.

You learn from Internet , Experts as well as also from many other people.

Also from Google.

But from copying the data from the different website and paste in your website, Is it ok ?

Well, You will never get ahead from your competitor if you do things like that even you can not get proper rank in google search engine.

You have to write Original Content for your audience so that you can make an fix amount of traffic.

How can you make an Original content ?

After reading a lot of article , magazine , Watching Videos on YouTube as well as podcasts. You are able to write an article on the certain topic .

Original content is known when it is actually written by you in your own words. By just copying and pasting from other sources, will help your article to take on the top of Google.

So write an Amazing article that content Original Content, Relevant Images, Catchy headline, Proper Keyword, Including Videos to clear the doubt within a moment and some Pie chart or Graph to understand the statistics easily.

TIPS: Read at least the top 6-8 Articles before writing on something.

Whenever you go to write on some certain topic do first R&D. By reading some of the top result on the particlular keyword will help you generate additional content and information about the topic.

You can create an Infographic and graph of that information to make understand easy and in Short.

Additional Relevant Content

With Right Keyword

You have done God Job after Writing Amazing as well as Original Content .

But to Beat your competitor is only limited till Content.

The answer is Simple, NO !

There are many aspects after working on It you will able to beat your Competitor without paying for it to the Agency or other institution.

When it comes Paying for website performance , PPC (Pay Per Click) Comes in mind early.

But In this article or you may call it a guide that this tactic is not for paid service. I am telling you to beat your competitors by your work on your website and get results organic.

Let’s talk in depth about keyword research.

There is lot of Keyword tool that provide some of the necessary information that help your article rank for the certain keyword.

Many of them are paid service and some of them free.

You can use Paid or Free service to find right keyword for your article.

I personally used Ubersuggest, Keyword and Website Analyzing tool By Neil Patel.

Let’s dive moreover and take some of the brief information regarding Keyword Research.

Let’s take an Instance.

Online Marketing is on Trending Nowadays.

How to beat your competitor ? : Keyword Research

The Above Images show some keyword related to Online Marketing.

With Search Volume, CPC ( Cost Per Click ) , PD as well as SEO Difficulty.

Let me give you clear understanding in Keyword Researching .

I will tell your only Major Option to use in this Tool.

Volume : The Number of Search Volume by the people monthly.

CPC : Paying Price to Google to show Your Keyword As an AD. (The Higher the More Valuable)

SEO DIFFICULTY : A number that show Difficulty to rank on Google. (The lower the more chance to Rank)

You Need to pick those Keyword That have high search volume.

TIPS: Your keyword should have more than 200 Search Volumes.

It is said that the Title with Question getting 14.1% higher Click Through Rate as compares to Title without Question.

You can also choose the Keyword option on which form you want your keyword.

There is .

  • Suggested Keyword
  • Related Keyword
  • Question keyword
  • Preposition Keyword
  • Comparison Keyword

So, Look everything as well as observed which is better for you to write your content.

Additional Content

Write on Trending Topics

Google give priority to those that have latest information along with have updated version of content.

If you are writing on some topics which content shows the old time of information or data then there will be a low chance to rank that particular article on google as there may be some latest data with the informational articles are already there.

The moral of the line is that write on those topic that are trending in the your space.

People always want to read on the current topic and they prefer to go with website that have easy content to read and understand the subject easily.

For an Instance what may be query regarding the current situation.

It may be about Covid-19, Online Marketing and Digital Marketing as well as Work from home etc.

So, write and publish on current topic with solid content there will be high chances to go viral.

Optimized With SEO

Google prefer to rank those site that are fully optimized with SEO.

As I mentioned earlier that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, It is the process to take your article on the top of the google result.

You don’t need to go for agency to do it. You can do it By yourself.

It required only some hour of working and concentration.

When it comes to optimized with SEO , It bring two kind of SEO.

  • Off Page SEO
  • On page SEO

Both are necessary with view point of ranking on google.

But On page SEO take stand for priority.

As I mentioned that Content is Kind, that is going always for priority in the world ever.

On page SEO contain,

  • Headline
  • Meta-description
  • Keyword
  • Content
  • Linking
  • Alternative Image text
  • Website speed
  • URL structure (Recommend to avoid date)

Everything that mentioned above are considered in case of google search ranking.

SEO tells google to your article can rank on the top of the page for the specific keyword in search engine.

Additional Content


Backlink show your website performance as well as service to the audience.

The more you have backlink it show you are doing good job and google will also consider it to give place number one on the google search engine.

Backlink usually known as coming hyperlink directly to your site from another website.

Here is the trick I want to give you.

Whenever you write article just analytics about your competitor and observed how many articles are linked to that particular article (Competitor).

You can use the same keyword research tool, Ubersuggest it’s easy to use and easy to understand the thing as well.

You can asked to those linked domain to link for your website.

Email them that you have an excellent article on the same topic that you have linked to this article.

I have more point that it did not… Like that.

I f you mail about Fifty to sixty email Per day, you will probably get at least 6 -7 backlinks for your site.

There is another tool.

Just find out how many time the article is sharing on google and mail them about your one on the same relevant topic and ask to share article and also for link.

For more Information read this Additional Content.

Backlink create Credibility in online career and you well know that Networking help in every situation of your life.

Additional Content

  1. Backlinks guide: Build for new website!


Who doesn’t want to be on top in every good thing But it’s competitor who stop them to do so.

But Today I have mentioned some of the bullet point that will help you to beat your competitor through SEO without Paying a single amount of money.

So You need to do the following below,

  • Publish Amazing & Original Content
  • With Right Keyword
  • Write on Trending Topics
  • Backlink

Moreover you need to promote your article on every medium of your space.

You can share in social media, Directly Mail to your subscribe and your competitors also.

Don’t consider a fight with your competitor in fact try to be a good friend, You will see a lot of improvement within the industry of your own site.

If you enjoy and have learned a little amount of knowledge then feel free to share with other so that more people may get this knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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