Content Marketing 2021: Definitive Guide!

What is a Content Marketing ?

Content Marketing 2021 : A Definitive Guide !

Yes , From Now you are gonna a learn something about this topic.

Content marketing is all about to spread Information , service and Story telling for your product as well as your brand.

Let me quickly give an introduction to you that In this article I am going to discuss something about Content Marketing.

When it come to mind The term Content marketing, people generally reminder some thing like blog or story telling content.

Definitely, But Content marketing is a large not limit to single platform.

So let’s start. Keep reading .

What is a Content Marketing ?

According to Content marketing Institute ,

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In short , Content Marketing is all about to do Marketing of Brand, services, Blog and your company across the world via Writing Content about the certain topic.

Content Marketing helps to create strong relationships with your potential customer for long term revenue and also for brand awareness through out content.

In today’s technical, who does not want to be popular. That’s why now almost maturity of brand do that.

Content that tells everything on the certain topic or subject so that audience can understand it easily.


From history Content have such a magic that can improve your ROI and decrease as well.

You will never want your audience as well as customer to be dissatisfy with you brand and your service.

What should you do then ?

You need to create great content so that there will be less chance to loss your customer.

Because as you probably read on my previous blog,

The statement of Bill Gates,

Content is King 👑!

-Bill Gates

What a great Content actually Contain ?

This problem arrived in many of writer in order to create unique content.

The unique and great content contain all the information that visitor looking for.

Structure of content should be like this,

  • First – Introduction of the subject.
  • Second – Body that contains all the information, and at last
  • Third – Conclusion, Summary of the whole content.

Moreover , content should contain Images, some related videos etc.

Infographic may also paly such a crucial role to make understand topic quickly.

Yes. There is lot of way to do Content Marketing that will cover the topic later in this post.

Before this let me give you content writing format.

Content writing has format that is not based on some rule and regulation. It is derived from Research and hard study.

Content writing format

As I mentioned earlier about blog post structure.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body of the article
  3. Conclusion

But moreover it has writing format that every content should contain in.

Here is the table of that.

  1. How to do?
  2. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  3. Main bullet points
  4. Images
  5. Videos
  6. Infographics ( One of the best )
  7. Chart/Graph
  8. Opinion
  9. Interview
  10. Case studies
  11. Timelines
  12. Some trending examples
  14. E-Book
  15. Prediction

So, let’s move ahead and let know what is the importance of Content Marketing In your online career in 2021.

Additional Content

Why content marketing is important ?

Content Marketing is such way of marketing that support to drive more and more Organic visitor and there is also more possibility to convert them into Customer.

According to

Content marketing is very important for any brand or business. It is the answer of customer’s question.

I am coming to the main point.

  • This way of marketing helps to create awareness about the certain product and service in the market.

  • On the other hand it is cost effective than traditional marketing and other.

  • It helps to enhance your Revenue.

Technology is consistently growing day by day the way of marketing should also be increasing.

Content create credibility within you and reader. Great content help to convert your visitor in to customer.

The more clear, right, easy to understand kind of content you provide to your audience the more people will trust your brand and will back again and again to your site.

Nowadays people are going for YouTube instead of reading blog because they want result and solution of their query quickly.

Further I will tell you some types of content marketing that are used for marketing product as well as service.

If we consider one example of content marketing then it should be best example.

What is a Content Marketing

Types of content marketing

There is not a limitation of types of Content Marketing.

There is some ways that help to marketing of Brand as well.

So let’s know what is the way of Content Marketing that is Workable for your brand and also can give you positive results.

Let’s take every aspect briefly step by step.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing comes on trend within a five to six year.

The reason of being trend nowadays is massive amount of growth on Active user.

Here is the picture say all about that,

what is a content marketing ? Social media users

Genarally Brands and their website manager create an account with the name of their own brand name.

And share valuable content with their audience and create a type of community.

From which mostly customer comes to the brand.

Here is the top social media used for marketing,

This days people often go for physical shopping they prefer to go for Online Shopping.

That’s why Brands also move for social media for Marketing.


You know when people feel bored , what they want to do?

They like to hear, I mean hearing something.

The major reason why people go for hear podcast, Here is the reason as per my knowledge,

  • Help to understand effectively
  • Voice emotion
  • Time-saving
  • No need to read
  • Freshness

You can use Google Podcast, Anchor, and Radiolab that help to make your own podsast without much investment.

Create the podcast same on the content that you have published.

It would be more well if you upload it in your normal conversation voice. Because it create credibility and loyalty.

Video Marketing

Since 2014 YouTube also become most searched for any key term in the world.

That’s why website author also work on YouTube.

They create channel and publish unique content video of them.

They show their faces of their employees or self.

Simple that’s help to create trust.

In my study (I usually used to do when I free), 74% of respondents said that videos are more effective than blog posts for generating leads. … but in other situations, blog posts are better at generating leads. And the same is true for engagement, social share, SEO, lead nurturing, and pretty much every other goal you have for your content.

If you compare which one tricks is workable for your marketing business in Blog or Videos.

The answer is 55:45.

As per my knowledge Video get the majority of people that understand the content better in Video format and the rest are happy and having a good user experience in Blog base content.

If you are beginner in video marketing and thinking about how to get started on YouTube, then feel free to apply the following steps,

  1. Create a YouTube channel (Of your brand/website name).
  2. Set up a profile.
  3. Create a knowledge-based video.
  4. The maximum time of the video should be up to 5-7 minutes.
  5. Enable the CC option and make it available in other languages.
  6. Write down the script of your video in the Description box.

Blog Marketing

Blog comes to the trend since 4 to 5 years ago but the value of blogging spread in the digital era and as a result more than 6.7 Million people are doing blogging and spreading knowledge throughout their content.

It’s good number in India.

You can say the basic way of content marketing is, Blog marketing.

That’s why people love to read and go further.

What should you consider in term of blog marketing.

  • Clear Content
  • Images that make more understand
  • Infographics
  • Videos based content
  • FAQs
  • Benefit as well as Disadvantage

Additional Content

PPC Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click Marketing.

Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked.

Pay-per-click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines.

In this kind of marketing Business Owners and sites, the author pays a certain amount of money per click to Google to place their site page on top for a specific keyword.

You should do if you have good budget.

In case of individual, you should spend time for learn SEO and apply it practically so that you can get good result.

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Infographics Marketing

People usually feel happy when the content is cleared by the Images.

But when it comes to via Infographics, People show their love and time on site.

Why people love Infographics ?

Because it ,

  • Easy to Understand
  • Get interested in
  • Time saver

Instead of reading long blog post people would like to understand the whole topic in just a couple of infographics as a result user can save their time.

For brands they can create such a attractive infographic that increase their conversion rate.

Infographic should contain, Clear message, valuable lesson, clear images not more congested and short line content.

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Content marketing is everything for a Brand.

But what if it does not do with right way.

Simply it will have negative impact on their audience statistics.

Content amrketing can be done through social media , inforgraphi podcast, video based marketing andmany more.

Thanks for reading !

On which subject you want blog from me ?

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