Get More Engagement with Google My Business in 2022!

Google My Business is the free tool provided by Google that helps you to manage your business on Google search results.

It contains Every single business information like,

  • Business Name
  • Business Category
  • Product/ Service
  • Working Location
  • Service Location
  • Price
  • Contact Information
  • Business Hour
  • And About your Business.

Believe me, With the help of google my business you can see a huge amount of engagement with customers in a couple of months.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the step-by-step method to set up your Google My Business.

Here is the BluePrint of the Whole article just click any to reach directly that paragraph.

What is Google My Business ?

Google My business is the free tool provided by Google to Take your business an online level and also show it on Google Map.

Let me share a screenshot to make the GMB concept clear.

Google my business : Get more Sales

I searched ” Explore in Surat”.

The Image above shows everything about the Location.

The direction of the Location, Mobile number, address, price & many more.

In short, It is able to tell everything about the business.

If a person searched the word explore surat then they’ll know there is a location or brand like exploring for gaming zone.

They will be able to see the address of that particular Business.

Opening time and closing time also with mobile number to communicate with the business.

Now, What if Your business looks like that?

Before that, you’ve to sign up with Google My Business.

Let’s know how to set up a Business profile In GMB (Google My Business).

How to set up business profile in Google My Business ?

As we already know Google My Business help to show your business in Google Map.

That’s a very beneficial thing for you.

As per Research,

“There is more than 2 crore people using Google Map.”

Now to create your profile The very First step is to simply visit this website.

First Step

Google my business : Profile set up

Just click on Add Your Business to Google for further.

After it, The page will ask you to Fill in your Business Name and your business category as well.

TIP: You can only add the name that hadn’t been used now. Similar can be Used.

Google my business : Profile set up

Go Ahead.

Second Step

Many Businesses do have not a physical work location. Thus, It is not mandatory to add your address & work location.

You can also add it later.

Adding your Service Location is a must for you, to get directly engaged with customers and the big one, to make a Sale.

You can also set specific locations under Selected City.

Third Step

To Get Direct Inquiry on Your Phone Number, Do not miss adding your mobile number.

You can also customize in setting to get updates and recommendations for your business on Google.

Google My Business will always get you noticed whenever necessary fixing and steps to take to improve your GMB Profile.

Fourth Step

Another Step is, To verify your business.

You need to provide an address or you can verify it later.

Google my business : Profile set up

I will go for verifying later.

To verify your business via the address you need to provide,

  • Country
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Pincode
  • Your State

Fifth Step

You can also show your business hour in Google My Business.

An Advantage of this is, Customers can see whether your Business/ Shop is open or Closed in a particular time zone.

There is also an option to keep changing your time on Special Day like Festival and other…

Google my business : Profile set up

Most business hours in the Corporate world remain from 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM.

Final Setting is for your Work Description i.e Business Description.

You can write a Business Description of up to 750 Words…

Make sure you utilize it properly…..

You can write in this way,

  • 1st 150 word : Write about your Company/Brand and write some breif about it.
  • 350 word : Explain what your business doing, How it can help it to customer with their service and product.
  • Last word : Finish it with writing about your product as well as services, try to write this way it look like to convince them to make engagement with your business.

Furthermore, I want you to add Some media about your business in your Google My Business profile.

It is said that Adding some media to your profile works as credit towards your…

Google my business : Profile set up

Front Media: Add a Minimum of three Photos of your Business.

It includes Front side picture of your office/shop & Work Location…

In House Photo: It would be great if you’ve more than three pictures of In house. Like Office Cabin, Picture with staff, etc…

Backside: Direction road towards your work location, some nearby photos.

Any Building, bank, Famous road and any other thing that is famous near your work location…..

Adding picture work more helps to make strong credibility for your brands.

Now everything is done.

GMB Dashboard

Google My Business provides you to customize your business profile to manage every single business update of your business.

You can find your business dashboard with this source. As an alternate, you can visit by simply searching your business name on Google. It will show your Google my Business profile…

It will look like this,

Google my business : Dashboard

On the Homepage of your dashboard, You can see various options to manage your business like Home, Info and website, etc…

Google my business : Dasboard

The home section will allow you to customize your business profile. Like how to edit as google search results.

To list your product on GMB, You need to first verify your business…..

Gmail Id is also a powerful way to engage with your customers.

Having professional Email looks credible for your brand.

GMB also provides a feature to get it directly from Dashboard.

You can do this by creating a custom domain …..

If you have got a solid customer base then you can interact with them indirectly via sharing updates of your business.

Having like Offer, special Discount, etc…

You can update via publishing post.

I want to recommend you kindly verify your business to customize your profile…

In the Post tab, you will publish every single post to make updates to your customer…

One of the best examples Is below

Google my business : Update

“show this code at the store to get this X offer in your purchase.”…

This kind of amazing offer you can publish in your business profile to get sales…

Let’s move out to Info. section of your GMB Dashboard…


This part of your dashboard allow you to customize every single thing of your business…

On the left-hand navigation, you can see every single piece of information that is related to your business..

You can edit from them,

  • Business Name
  • Business category
  • Address
  • Working Hour
  • Website
  • Contact number
  • Product/ service…

It is mandatory to keep your mobile number updated with your Google My Business profile to get potential inquiries regarding your business…

Furthermore, you can edit your information for google Ads, Google also provides ₹2,000 in free ad credit…

You can also get insight for your business … It will help to increase your customer base from this insight..

Moreover, you can also reply to your review, as well as messages.


Pictures say thousands of words.

You have given every necessary detail in Google My Business but have not uploaded a single Media then It’s not gonna good for your business..

As I mentioned earlier about Media, You should add More than Three images of front side of your business..

I want to repeat the above word to remember you again,

Front Media: Add a Minimum of three Photos of your Business.

It includes Front side picture of your office/shop & Work Location…

In House Photo: It would be great if you’ve more than three pictures of In house. Like Office Cabin, Picture with staff, etc…

Backside: Direction road towards your work location, some nearby photos.


Uploading Product detail will help you to get inquiry.

Your product will look like the below images.

Google my business :  listing your produproducts

This is, How you can promote your product on your google my business page.

I would like to recommend you to Put your one of the best products that have a high demand market on the Front side.

Make sure the product are available in your stock otherwise If customers order you for a product & on the other hand, it is out of stock, then the customer review will have a big impact on your business.

TIP: List the only product that has in stock. Keep your inventory updated…

From google my business You can create a website for your business. You can also purchase domain from here…

GMB will help you to create your website in a very easy way…

How to list product on Google My Business

Listing product on Google My Business is the great deal for your business.

Listing product work as direct potential customers for your business as it show the about the product that your business can offer to the customer..

To list your product on your google my business, simply visit Product section of your Business Profile.

Click on Get started…

It should look like this…

Google my business  : Photo Adding

Photo : Upload the Images the product you want to list out the product.

Product Name : Name the listed product. It may be Cloth, Eating food and any other product that related to your business.

Category: Create a category for your product. For example, New Bridal sherwani for Boys… Category may be Cloth.

Product Price : The selling price of your product.

Discounted Price: The discounted price that you want to give for each product to your customer..

Product Description: Write down some fifty to sixty words product Description.

It will help more to understand about the product to customer…

Button : Button work as CTA (Call to Action). You can add button for any action that customer wants to take for your product and service.

You have options as button-like,

  • Order Now
  • Buy Now
  • Learn more
  • Get Offer

This option is optional.

How to verify Your Business on Google My Business ?

Without verifying your business You would not be able to make any major action in your google my business.

It is not hard to deal to verify your business with GMB.

There are a couple of ways you can verify your business on Google My Business.

some of them are following,

  • By Postcard
  • With Phone
  • From Email
  • Instant Verification
  • By Bulk Verification

For more in detail, I want you to read this article on Hubspot, Where it is discussed in-depth about how to verify your business on Google My Business…


Google my Business is the free tool provided by Google to list out your product/service for marketing your business for free…

If you have missed the article then do not worry here is the summary of the whole article…

To make your profile on Google my Business, You need to set up a profile on GMB (Google My Business).

You need to provide your,

  • Business name
  • Catagory
  • Working Location
  • Contact Information
  • Working Time
  • And Many more.

Furthermore, I have discussed Google My Business Dashboard where you can customize every single thing of your business profile…

GMB also helps to market your product. GMB allows you to list out your product from Dashboard.

Just let me know which topic you’re gonna read about from me?

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