How to write a Blog that Generates leads?

Writing blogs that Generate Leads for your business.

Blog plays a crucial in order to get you a good amount of business…

But many businesses make a mistake in their blog as a result the appropriate result can not be brought with enough amount of traffic…

Today I am going to explain to you that can you Write a blog that can convert into a Lead.

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Story Telling

As per the study, it is believed that people get more engagement with you/ your product when you explain them as Story Telling.

What do I mean by Story Telling?

Story Telling is the way to express your thing in Story Manner.

For example How this product/service can help them. What will be the benefit and some risks you need to take from this product/service etc…

70 % of Sales depends on how you express/ explain to your potential customer..

Customers need your product the thing that stops buying, Is your way to explain.

It is said Be in Customer Shoe…

You only need to understand the customer’s Requirements…

You have to mention on your blog what is the benefit of using your product/service just like in Story Manner…

Otherwise, Visitor will not provide his/her attention to your blog, and no blogger wants to do so…

Mention Review.

Review is one of the best ways to convert your visitor into customers.

All you need to mention is some reviews in your blog of the previous customer experiences.

It may be for the same product (that you are writing about) or any previous product/Service.

Writing Customer Review work as credibility for your brand.

The review could be like an appreciative comment about your service..

Customer service by you about any query that is generated from your customer etc..

Mention Product Benefit

The study said that when customers know how a particular thing will help them, they tend to go more in-depth.

What I want is, Mention some major Advantages of your product/ service in order to gain more sales through your blog post.

What do you need to do?

You only need to mention some media that represent the best utilization of a Particular video.

Suppose your product is Sport shoe that can work in any season whether it is Rainy, Winter & Summer.

Customers are willing to get more for less amount of pay.

It will work.

Provide Contact Info…

Providing Contact information on the blog post work as the credibility for your Brand.

Many companies and the corporate sector provide their Email Id.

But it is good to provide your Contact Number So that visitor can get their query directly on call.

On the other hand, you can provide an Email ID and social media Id.

Add Media

“Picture says a thousand words “…

The image really works in any blog. But it should be relevant to the topic…

As an alternative option, I would suggest you put video, GIF, and short format video that shows benefit and in favor of the customer…

As I mentioned earlier about to add a Review to Your blog post.

Inserting a Youtube Video I a great option to get more engagement.

YouTube videos of your own will show a great amount of trust.

Like Product Review Video or Product Video will show good impact in customer’s eyes.

Pop -Up

Popup are also considering one of the way to attract visitor’s mind towards your product.

Let me know you the the box type Message coming in to your screen…

Those are also called popups who pin a message of subscribing their page/Blog News letter.

The benefit of this popup , You’ll have Visitor’s data that is not mean less than an Asset.

You can approach to them Directly for any kind of offer and any sales regarding scheme.


Getting Leads from the visitor is not the cup of tea.

You need to write the blog in such a way no one even think to read another article.

Here is the summary of article,

  • Add media
  • Pop-up
  • Contact info.
  • Benefit of Product
  • Mention product benefit
  • story telling tone

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Thanks for reading..

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