MacBook Air With M1 chip: Complete review

MacBook air

To boost up the performance of the accessories Apple brought the MacBook series with an M1 chip on 10th November 2020.

Without wasting precious time let’s dive into information.

Because before Purchasing any product we should know that particular product deeply so that we ensure that this one is worth buying and overall we move towards the best laptop.

In this article we will look every information regarding MacBook Air with M1 chip.


ModelMacBook Air 2020
Weight1.29 KG
ColoursGold, Silver, Space Green
Battery Backup11 Hours
ProcessorIntel Core i3 10th Gen
Ram-Storage8GB -256GB
Dimension212.40 x 304.10 x 16.10
PriceINR 92,900

MacBook Air is launched last year in November month . As you know this is Apple’s product then a new thing may be noticed.

In this product the Unique thing is M1 Chip, that improve performance of this product.

MacBook air : M1 chip

Apple has said that Mac can take a big leap in,

  • Incredible performance
  • Custom performance
  • Power efficiency


As you know photo keep memories, That may be major reason why people often look for better quality.

But MacBook AIR is different. It capture people’s life. So that there may be no difference between photo and real life.

AIR provide,

  • Noise reduction
  • Improve in auto white balance
  • Enhanced face recognition
  • Maximum dynamic range
MacBook air : Camera


When it comes to graphic in any laptop it consumer more power.

But in this product it is opposite. With M1 chip that improve graphics performance of the product with consuming low power energy.

Well the normal laptop takes more power to provide some great graphics with less efficiency.

M1 is different.

The M1 will have incredible performance and low power.

The M1 is the first product that will bring the best protection for the Mac.

This is the first time Apple has been able to design Mac OS for its own silicon.

Additional Content

Operating System

This is the first time Apple has been able to design Mac OS for its own silicon.

The Mac 1 is absolutely incredible on the Big Sur M1.

Big Sur stands for the new bold design, powerful updates for apps, Safari, and the latest improvements in our industry-leading privacy features.

The entire system will accelerate and the system animation will be smooth.

M1 will have metal technology so you can easily submit 3D animation.

M1 chip will bring,

  • The hardware verified secure boot.
  • Automatic high-performance encryption
  • mac OS run time protection

Brief information,

macOS with own silicon
The operating system is Big Sur.
Metal technology in 3D animation

As you know the Macbook Air is the best-selling 13-inch notebook.

MacBook air

The MacBook Air is a slim and light book whose performance and efficiency are most liked by the users.

With M1 chip it will be very helpful for people. As people are working from home due to the epidemic, it will create credibility for the user.

The MacBook Air will have 3.5 times faster CPU processor than the previous generation as you know.

M1 has eight-core CPU processors, AIR gives five times faster graphics performance.

MacBook AIR is completely silent.

AIR offers incredible efficiency, providing exceptional battery life with up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing and 18 hours of video playback.

That is six hours more than before.

Brief Guide,

Best 13 Inch Selling Product
3.5 times faster CPU performance than the previous
5 times the faster graphics performance
Web browsing up to 15 hours, video playback 18 hours.
Color: Gray, Gold, Silver
Price : INR 92,900 (256GB Storage) ,
INR 1,17,900 (512GB Storage)

Additional Content

MacBook AIR

โ‚น 90,190.00







Operating System


Money value



  • Batter
  • Operating System


  • Screen Touch Not available
  • Camere
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