How to get rank on Google in 2021! (For any keyword)

During this technical era, everyone wants to be popular. Even If we talk about Digital Marketing the question comes to how to get top rank on google.

Is it really hard to get ranked in google search ?

As per my knowledge and experience ,

The answer is No !

So what should you do to rank your site first on google ?

Here is what this blog will explain you.

In this blog I am going to break down how to get rank on google.

So just keep reading because this blog can help you to reach out that knowledge that can reach out your SEO knowledge and definitely help to get rank.

how to get rank on google?

What if I tell , you may get rank for any keyword what you want.

This requires practice as well as patience.

First of all , let me explain you why google ranking for your website is important?

Since the internet become the must-have thing in human life, It also creates the opportunity to make your successful life.

In fact, nowadays people are looking at Digital Marketing as a career after they have known the information as well as Advantage of the Internet.

As most people nowadays are doing online shopping and their work mostly online, that the major reason why digital marketing comes upon demand.

Companies spend thousands of dollars only on marketing via digital medium and take the help of digital marketer to promote their product as well as service in order to generate more revenue.

But in this work and progress, your website needs traffic and you can do that only on SEO if you want organic traffic.

Pay-per-click is a different concept. It generates organic traffic with paid service. But, In this article, I will help you to get organic traffic for free.

We’ll go every major aspect that affect google ranking of your article in depth.

So, let’s started just keep reading.

Have a Niche

Without any topic or niche, How would you get google rank ?

You niche generate the content.

Suppose for digital marketing website, which kind of niche can ?

It could be like this,

How to generate more revenue from online marketing ?

Keep remember that the niche should be related to your industry weather it is direct or indirect.

The more you publish an article related to your industry with consistent performance, the more your brand value will be.

Ok ,You have now a niche then what the next ?

It comes to keyword of your niche.

Find right keyword

Keyword refers to those word that are mostly searched by the visitor for their query.

If you have not the right keyword that people are finding for their query then you will never be able to rank on google on the top page.

So the solution is you need to find the keyword which have high search volume.

Let me give you brief concept for choosing right keyword,

  • Look at the keyword that has a high search volume.
  • Keyword with low SEO competition.
  • Trend keyword.

You should find the right keyword on those subject or topic which is in trend in your space industry.

The study says if your content is related to a topic that is trending, the higher chance of it being ranked on the google search engine on the top place.

For daily analysis you can research on Google Trends, Daily search results show the number of times people searched at a specific location.

When it comes to right keyword, long tail keyword also comes to the mind.

Long tail keyword take more word by the searcher to find out their query.

Here is an example ,

What is the best social media plugin for WordPress?

You may try any kind of long tail keyword with your right keyword that solve query of the visitor.

Additional Content

Write Unique Content

Content is King.

Do you know , who give this statement on content.

The billionaire Bill Gates.

Have you ever known why the industry as well as digital marketer have always great content.

Because Google only rank those keyword which has unique information and the solution of visitor’s query.

Content writing is going to become such a skill that will be highly demandable in upcoming time.

When it comes to writing unique content there should be used of polite language.

You can not write language which contain disrespectful word in your content.

Content should be liked that seem some conversation between you as well as your visitor.

For Example, In every blog, I used to write some words that look like the conversation between me and my visitor.

I use the word like “You” as well as “I”.

And that’s I want. My blog make people knowledgeable for the certain topic.

Many people have confusion about content. From where you will generate content ideas for your niche.

I have written on this topic in my previous one, where I have explained how you can generate content ideas by researching as well as analyze your competitor’s website.

Well it does not take too much hard work to write content for certain keyword.

You need just practice to make perfect in this field.

Here is the trick you can follow.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : Find your niche.

No 2 : Find the right keyword related to the your niche.

No 3 : Read your competitor’s article on same keyword.

You have Keyword and also on which niche you are going to write the article.

Just search the keyword on google or the search engine whatever you use.

I want you to read top 7 search result that you have searched in search engine.

After reading you will be able to know whole the data as well as information that related to that key phase.

Now I want you to just Write the content in your post.

Edit it and publish it.

let me show you how ,content is known as King.

how to get rank on google : Content writing

Here is the average CTR (Click Through Rate) of top 10 google search result with their position.

About more than 47 % click on the top position of google and the percentage is fallen down near about 13% and CTR is coming to below as the position goes does.

The content is all about to solution of every query that visitor is looking on the search engine.

Content play the major role in google ranking.

That’s why companies hiring content writing to increase conversion rate.

Additional Content

Optimized with SEO

The next step to rank your blog on google is to optimize with SEO.

The whole article should have to be optimized with Search Engine Optimization that is crucial in road to success in this field.

If you are beginner in the terms of SEO then here is what it,

“SEO is the process of optimizing your online content indicating that it is well qualitative for Google so that content on search engines can get top position on particular keywords.”

As it show SEO is the process of optimize your content in order to get success in online marketing.

Let’s move to the main topic.

how to get rank on google: Optimization with On page SEO.


Headline is the face of your blog.

8 out of 10 people clicked on the impression just by looking your headline.

It also match to the that magazine store.

Whenever you go in magazine center and shop or mall, you will pick the book by reading only their headline and that’s what headline is the major aspect in your CTR.

“It include words and thought designed to catch someone’s eye and get that person interested in reading what follow the headline”

I have formula of headline after researched the topic.

how to get rank on google :  formula to write a headline.

Just use this formula you will be able to see some improvement in your CTR.

Here Triggered word means catchy word that attract eyes.

Additional Content

Meta Description

The meta description tells Google what the topic or subject is related to your blog.

Use your main keyword on your meta description and explain in brief.

Alt image tag

The alt image tag says which subject or keyword this image is on.

This step help to rank images that contain in the blog for certain keyword , google ranks those image on th eimage section.

People often go to the image option in the search result and click on the result based on the image.


URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

Like meta description that is mandatory to include your main keyword in your URL.

Here is the brief tips,

  • Use 3-5 words in the URL
  • Utilize main keyword
  • Use Hyphen (-) not Underscores  ( _ )
  • Always Use Lower Case Text
  • Do not use date and number
  • Do not use more than two categories in the URL
  • Avoid using @, $,%, and etc.

With SEO Plugin

I am using this technique and help me a lot with direct Google preview.

It’s Yoast SEO plugin that help to Optimize your content with Search Engine Optimization and help to get rank on google search engine.

From optimizing content with Right keyword , it also show your blog in Google Preview.

how to get rank on google: Yoast SEO plugin

Here is the top Facility of Yoast SEO.

  • Focus on Right Keyword
  • Help to set up Title
  • Slug as well as Meta description.
  • Set the SEO to analyze.
  • Ser SEO readability.
  • Optimize with Google Preview.

I want to you to Install this plugin and set the necessary setting. When it show Green then you are on right way of doing SEO.

Let’s move to next section and look forward to rank your site on the top of the google search engine.

Additional Content

Link Building

Link Building is not all about to link the particular page to another one. It create credibility.

The blue or red text that take you to another page is known as Link.

The link also tells google how many domain names have linked to your website. the more the link the more chance to get the rank.

Let’s dive in the link building topic and try to go in depth.

Internal LInk

When the hyperlink comes to any webpage or article page from same website or domain , it called internal Link.

It is not good if you have not at least single number of internal in your blog.

Use at least two to three page.

Don’t forget to add hyperlink in main keyword of that page.

External Link

When the hyperlink comes to any webpage or article page from another website or domain name then it is known as External link.

External link help to create credibility with people surround our space.

You should not add the hyperlink on the same keyword on which you are trying to get rank for.

But your external page should be relavant to your industry.

If you are on marketing field then your link should not be related to Gym or sports base website.

Generating Backlink

As the keyword and content is major aspect in search engine ranking factor, Backlink is also consider the most valuable role in terms of ranking.

When someone add your blog link or website link into their website or blog then it is known Backlink for you.

Backlink create credibility in your industry area.

Here how can you generate them.

Step 1 : Search the your competitor for the keyword you want to rank for.

Step 2 : Analyze how many people have linked to that specific article.

If more than 15 link have to that page, then consider it.

Step 3 : Consider the result up to top 10 for your keyword.

Step 4 : Try to Find their contact Email Id. If the Contact is not given leave a message in the comment section.

Step 5 : Email Them like that.

how to get rank on google : Backlink asking Email.

If you do 100 email for an article then , probably up to 15 domain name will link you.

It will take time to create backlink. That’s why you need to have patience in road to success.

Additional Content

Page Speed

You have well written article and still you have not rank your website.

How would you do, when your website speed is not much fast.

Google prefer to rank those article on top of the page which has not low loading time.

In Google consider it more when you have more fast site and well written content.

Because if your content is great but page speed is not , then you are not going to get rank on top of the google search result.

70% of visitors visit websites that have a fast loading speed. So it is mandatory to increase the speed of the website.

Let me give you some of the major tips to fix the issue.

  • Optimize your image size. (Use WP smush plugin for WordPress user)
  • Use CDN to reach out to the content fast.
  • Try to short up your code.
  • Remove unnecessary Plugins.

You can check up you website page speed for both desktop as well as Mobile.

The more the low, The more it better.

Don’t spend too much time in this section , you need to just remember the point that affect page speed of your website speed.

Additional Content

Promoting the Blog

You have written the blog and have been optimized with SEO, now it’s time to get viewers on your blog so that people would appreciate you.

After going viral your blog on the Internet Google will surely look it to make your blog on the top of the search engine of the specific keyword.

But the question is how would you promote your blog into audience.

That what is going to discuss in this section.

As you know mostly people are on internet as well as use social media on their daily routine.

So , Promoting you article on social media would make source of variable amount of traffic into your website.

Using Social media

What do I mean by that ?

If you have social account and you have following or you follow the people that are belonging to same your industry , Then it can be heavy traffic source.

You need to have account on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, as well as YouTube are the top social media with the most active times a day used by people.

how to get rank on google : Social media marketing

Make the separate account on Twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook page of your website.

Quora is one of the most active users in a month. It is the Question-Answer site where people ask questions as well as giving their own opinion on that subject.

You can create a Quora Space and also can publish whole content with your website name account.

There will create leverage with the people surrounding your related industry and after reading your great content they’ll back to your site, as a result, you will get traffic.

LinkedIn can be source of traffic if you regularly share article .

Here is, How I used it and get traffic from LinkedIn account.

how to get rank on google : Social media marketing

I publish some time half content on my profile and leave with continue text that will bring traffic direct in my website.

So this kind of strategy you have to implement in your promoting your article to get rank on google.

Remember, Facebook have more than 320 Million active user in India in 2021. If you are sharing your content on Facebook then it will make one of the best external source of Traffic.


It is everyone’s dream to be popular in the world and going viral in the world. But when it comes to Digital marketing the question arrives how to get rank on google.

It is not much hard to get rank on the top search engine result for any keyword . You need to give consistent performance also have patience and handwork with willing to do.

In every field if you want to be successful you should have patience , In digital marketing also it takes time to show the result.

The blog takes 6 to 7 month to get rank on the google for the specific keyword.

Here is the summary of all of the above content if you missed then do not worry I here with you.

  • Have a niche
  • Find right keyword
  • Unique content
  • Content should be optimized with On-page SEO.
  • Moreover, you need to focus on link building for your website
  • and improve your website page speed.
  • After it, it’s time to promote your article to your audience

I am sure that after implementing the above strategies on your work you will see some improvement. Just remember my words.

It will take time but also give you good RoI.

So be consistent on your work. Don’t forget to pick the right keyword which has high search volume.

You can use Ubersuggest to find right keyword. Detail mentioned in this guide.

Thanks for reading.

Just tell me on which topic you would like to read from her.

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